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Over the past decade, craft beverages have taken off. Small batch runs, specialty ingredients and an artisan approach have elevated many beverages to new heights.

Ask any beverage connoisseur for their take on the age old question of bottles versus cans—and you’re likely to get an impassioned response.

Bottles certainly appeal to the craft beverages set due to the unique, timeless look and feel. Frankly, something about pouring a delicious brew from a bottle just feels special. Cans, on the other hand, are a more practical, less breakable approach to transporting beverages. Tucking a six-pack or a four-pack in your cooler for tailgating, picnicking or a day on the lake is an unbeatable way to enjoy a cold drink. Fortunately, for beverage crafters, we make it easy by providing the lids, labels, shrink-sleeves, PakTech plastic carrying handles and yes, even the corrugated trays.

Some argue a canned beverage holds flavor and carbonation better. Others fight that a bottle is the only way to go. A blind taste study showed even the pickiest beer palate couldn’t actually tell the difference between canned and bottled brews (if the container was safely hidden away).

The debate rages on…but there’s one more factor to consider when it comes to bottles versus cans: labeling. In light of the blind-taste-test argument, labeling may in fact be the biggest factor to consider when you decide on package type.

The label on your brew is so important to the overall consumer experience. Most customers choose their beverage based on label. (Of course, they end up loving your beverage based on taste, type, and all the hard work you put into making it). But to help them make that first decision, you need a label that matches your brand. Check out our idea gallery to see the huge variety in labels and shrink sleeves.

Thank goodness crafted beverages come in many different and delicious packages. It’s our job to help you make the most of your packaging, so you can get your beverage in the glasses of your customers. From start to finish, let Aljan Packaging help you create a label or shrink sleeve and get noticed. No matter which side of the bottles versus cans debate you fall on, we’ll make sure your product looks amazing!

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